"Blayne was faintly aware of his own screams as he felt himself being pulled unwillingly toward the crystal ball. Soon, he was not on the ground at all, but plummeting through a great chasm of light. Wind whipped his face. Tears flew from his eyes. He was flailing, unable to focus on anything around him. As he fell into the unknown abyss, fear stricken, only one thought shot through his mind.

This has to be a dream. Please God, let this be a dream . . .

He prayed to wake up, but every sharp burst of wind made him vivdly aware that this was far too real to be a dream. He was falling, and the fear of what would break his fall was paralyzing. He was sixteen. He wasn't ready to die. Not like this . . .

The flashing lights got dimmer. Soon, they went dark, and Blayne was plunged into blackness. If it was possible, his heart pounded even harder. He couldn't see anything now. If there was a hard ground waiting for him, he wouldn't know until he hit it. And somehow, the unkown was even more terrifying.

Before he realized what was happening, everything went black."

~ "Nightmare Land," page 11

Nightmare Land

Here in your hand, lies the entrance to Nightmare Land . . .

Sixteen year-old Blayne Haughtfield wakes up in a desolate forest with four other people. There is no sun. No breeze. No food. And every night, his nightmares come to life. Together, they must find a way out, else they become trapped in their nightmares forever.

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