Website of K.J. Bryen          

                     (Also Kelsey Warren-Bryant)


Red Riding Hood: A Dark Tale . . .

Re dis determined to find her best friend who was dragged into the woods by a giant wolf. She doesn't know the source of the mysterious growling outside her window every night. She doesn't know why all the evidence of the wolf seems to vanish into thin air.

She doesn't know if she's being hunted.

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Beauty and the Beast: A Dark Tale . . .

Eighteen-year old Isabelle Thorne doesn't believe in ghosts. So when she goes into an old manor that's supposedly haunted, she thinks nothing of it.

Until she gets locked inside, that is.

When strange things start happening, Isabelle learns that this is no ordinary manor. And with the voices and the footsteps she hears, she also learns that she is not alone.

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The Little Mermaid: A Dark Tale . . .

Liam Prince has just graduated from high school with a scholarship to college. In his mind, nothing can go wrong.

That is, until he's dragged into the ocean by a demonic mermaid.

Now he must make it back to land by sunrise, else he be condemned to a life beneath the sea. And here, in the depths of the ocean, things are more terrifying than he could have ever imagined . . .

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Rumpelstiltskin: A Dark Tale . . .

Fifteen year-old Ember Clifton has nightmares of a hooded man kidnapping her baby sister, Zoey.

She never thinks her nightmares will come true.

When Zoey is taken by the man from Ember's nightmares, Ember set out to find her, and becomes locked in a deadly game of riddles with the mysterious mad-man.

Five riddles. Five deadly challenges. All must be completed by sunrise. To save her little sister, Ember must survive the Name Games.

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